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June 21, 2019

Considering your next order of contact lenses? There is a way for all patients who order an ANNUAL SUPPLY of contact lenses to get a REBATE back from the manufacturer for up to $200. 

No catch - the only things you have to do is: 

1.) Get an eye exam with your eye care provider (some manufacturers require seeing receipt of this exam from a Doctor to obtain your rebate). 

2.) Order an ANNUAL SUPPLY of contact lenses for both eyes WITH YOUR EYE DOCTOR.

The manufa...

June 17, 2019

I love the hygienic aspect and comfort of contact lenses that are disposed of daily for my patients. It avoids so many complications due to incorrect cleaning or disinfection of contact lens cases. However as someone who cares about the environment, I dislike all the waste that daily disposable contact lenses create. 

Here is how to recycle your contact lens blister packs: 

1.) Save all the contact lens packs after inserting your contact lenses by placing the...

June 6, 2019

Living in the Southwest, I have many patients who complain of itchy, dry, red eyes. Itching can come as a by-product of dryness or a direct reaction from an allergen, classifying it as allergic conjunctivitis. 

Here are a few all natural but effective ways to relieve itching that I recommend to my patients: 

1.) Put your artificial tear drops into the fridge. 

This is a great way to not only flush out the particles that are making you itchy, but to use th...

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